I love using my innate enthusiasm and desire to juice up interaction and connection to share useful messages. Taking the lead is at the root of all my presentations. We need more good people to step up and take the lead in our world!


Before we can effectively lead others, we must lead ourselves first. Take the lead in your own life by nurturing your brain, body, and inner self. Identify methods for increasing and harnessing your energy so you can accomplish what matters most to you. Envision the person you want to be and then, take action!

Getting the Right Work Done

Do you ever find yourself caught in an internal struggle of knowing what you need to do but wanting to do something different all together? The internal dialogue might sound something like this: I know I need to finish that report right away but I really want to check email and social media first. Getting the right work done takes continually pulling ourselves away from the incessant distractions and using tools that support us in focusing on what matters most.

Growing Leadership Skills

There’s a massive transition of leadership underway as the Baby Boomer generation retires and Millennials take the helm. How are we growing leadership skills in our communities, our organizations, and ourselves? We are all leaders. How will you grow and step up as a leader? How can you help someone else grow and step up as a leader? In this session, you will be introduced to 25 leadership competencies and receive a complimentary resource to develop your skills as a leader.

Big Happiness with an Open Heart & Open Throttle

My husband and I rode our motorcycles from Newport, Oregon to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern most city in the world.

The twists and turns, literally and metaphorically, taught me more than I ever imagined possible about befriending my body, how it’s about the faces, not the places, and what brings me “big happiness.”

Come along on a ride with me as I convey how riding my motorcycle for 23 months and 42,000 miles through Latin America changed me on the inside.

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